Color Grid Array…

March 14, 2007

Looks like building the circuit is going to be beyond our expertise and timeframe talking with EE and the resellers.

Our next choice is to pick up a pre-packaged lighting controller from a reseller like Animated Lighting. They provide lighting control boards that allow for custom solutions. The board has 16 channels so we could build a 16 x 16 array or smaller of either single color lights or I Color RGB systems. The rgb system is the nicest solution because it would allow us to build the array and each pixel would be any rgb color we program it to be… so basically we could create images using the array. Of course this is the high-end solution and costs approximately $500 per 50 lights. Using single color LED systems the price drops to around 75 cents a light so it is a lot more affordable.

The animated lighting controller is decently affordable, which costs around $300, but the circuits were going to cost around $45.00 each and we need 8 of them so i think the pre-built controller seems like the way to go as long as it interfaces with non-proprietary software.

I spent about a half hour with their sales guy today at Animated Lighting but i need to talk more with the tech guy who is calling me tonight or tomorrow. I will give everyone an update in class tomorrow. See you around 4:30pm.

Nice overview of nature audio recordings
There is actually a field of study called ENVIROSONICS.
Faculty that is doing research into this area.
LINKS related to envirosonics and bioacoustics
There is even a journal dedicated to BIOACOUSTICS, go figure…
In this issue of the journal there is a review of portable audio recorders, but we would have to inter-library or order the article, I’m sure.
We might want to try to get the conference proceedings from this conference on remote audio recordings.

Another society
A library dedicated to animal recordings from Cornell University
**Let’s look into any Bioacoustic or Envirosonic or whatever research going on at LSU or in Louisiana. Could be in an ecology or biology or Wildlife department. Make sure to search UNO, ULL, Tulane, etc.

Some strange Audio research from the Media Lab

A series of schematic drawings about audio transfer
Remote audio recording
a non-streaming remote recording device for research

Nice page of HARDWARE links.

X10 wikipedia
using X10 cameras to daisy-chain a remote signal

audio software and more audio software
Some software for audio analysis
software for audio analysis with an interesting output graphic

General audio processing software links

General Info about Audio Processing

I found some links about how to record and transmit information from the middle of nowhere to the edge of nowhere.

network wireless transmitter

Datalogger Wikipedia
Audio Datalogger for Snoring Study
Another Datalogger
A page of links not fully explored

sound level datalogger

General Audio Science Page: Audio Scientific

gps shoes.

February 10, 2007


February 8, 2007

check out these projects that detect motion, activity, sound, and cell phone usage.