April 17, 2007

This post is to start a thread on realistic deliverables for the end of the semester.


2 Responses to “Deliverables”

  1. bcantrell Says:

    I believe we will be producing a document containing all of our findings and process as we discussed. This will include an experiment using the accsense wireless sensors and a visualization that we can project. We can discuss this in more depth on Thursday.

  2. bcantrell Says:

    This is the current status on the project and our research. We will put together a document that takes the highlights of the website and collates them into a pdf for dissemination. This should include the following:

    Introduction – Stating the unique approach to interactivity and reactivity in the landscape.

    Overview of Project – Our project proposals and overall approach

    Technologies and Application to the Project


    The project is going to be using the Accsense wireless sensors to produce a visualization in the computer. Our budget is going to make hard to put together a lighting sculpture so that will have to remain hypothetical for this semester. I believe Wes has ordered the wireless sensor so we should be getting that sometime next week.

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