March 29, 2007


March 29, 2007



March 29, 2007



March 16, 2007

ColorKinetics is putting together a proposal for us using two of their light strands (100 lights) and their light manager. These are the full range RGB lights which are really amazing. Each light in the strand is capable of producing 16 million colors and is individually addressable meaning we can accomplish almost anything in regards to visualization.

ColorKinetics Flex RGB 

To-do List 3.15.07

March 15, 2007

  • Document
    • document – layout in indesign (ebru)
    • precedents (patrick)
    • process (ebru/patrick)
    • results (ebru)
  • mock-up design of light grid (look at hardware posted) sketchup or max model? ebru/patrick/jamin/brad
    • framework
    • incandescent or led
  • connections between microserver
    • power (wes)
    • serial (wes)
    • microphone (wes)
  • light array
    • light controller (brad)
    • software interface (xiaoyang)
    • lights, led or incandescent (brad)

Solar Powered Devices

March 15, 2007

Silicon solar seems to offer some devices that can be used to power our microserver, sound processor, and microphone.